Giving money

Giving in grace

Financial plan for 2016

Thank you for your generous giving, by whatever means, in 2015.

Every-member ministry is an important Biblical principle, both in spiritual involvement and practical service.  Our church could not function as it does without you.  For instance, we now have teams working for

  • AV
  • Logistics
  • Coffee
  • Flowers
  • Cleaning
  • Sidespeople
  • Pastoral Care
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Finance

…. to name just a few. 

If there is anything mentioned above – or you feel there is something missing – where you feel you have time, expertise or willingness to serve in any way, do let the Churchwardens know. We really do want everyone to find a role to play

Never are we more closely following the example of Jesus
than when we are giving ourselves selflessly in the service of others.

The Giving in Grace programme encourages us to reconsider the level of our regular giving during Lent, leading up to a Gift/Pledge Day on Palm Sunday.

It really does cost quite a bit to simply keep going, without doing anything extra – around £1200 per week!

Each member of St Peter's has different financial circumstances that determine how much they are able to give at any one time. There will be times when it may not be possible to increase your financial giving! The Lord understands and so do we. There are always different ways that people support the life of the church. We give of ourselves in time, talent and skills.

To achieve our mission in this area we need to build up the financial reserves of the church.  We have been blessed during 2014, but we know that we have a building inspection due which is likely to result in us facing increased expenditure, leaving even less for mission. The regular income to which many have been committed is our mainstay.  If we can increase our regular income we will be able to build on the initiatives which are already taking place.

Below, there is a shortened form for the 2015 budget. Here, you can see that we are just about managing to balance our normal running costs, thanks to the already generous giving by the whole congregation.

This is shown in the Regular Giving figure of £43,800 and the Tax Refund of £10,000 which, from a medium-sized congregation, means some very sacrificial giving.

However, we do need financial resources to maintain the ministry and to complete our final year of the current Mission Action Plan.  We all had an opportunity to contribute to the next plan and we will, undoubtedly, require resources.

So keeping this at the forefront of our minds as we review our giving, please will you prayerfully consider the following, and respond as you are able.

  • Make a one off gift.
  • Increase your regular giving.
  • You may also like to consider leaving a legacy to St Peter’s in your will.

A shortened form of the Budget for 2015

Income £
Collections & Donations 2600
Regular Giving 43800
Tax Refund 10000
Fees 3000
Special Events 1000
Gift Day 2700
Other 1200
Total 64300
Less Giving (Tithe) -6430
Total 59310


Expenditure Approx
Heating etc 5170
Parish Share (to Diocese for Ministry) 34937
Insurance 4250
Old School 600
Churchyard 3100
Other Maintenance 9750
Total 57807
Surplus/Deficit 63

We still have an elderly and inefficient heating system. The Wardens and PCC have been considering alternatives and they all involve a substantial financial outlay.

We are still waiting for the lime plaster to dry on the north wall and that will impact on the replacement of the heating system.

Reserve funds from the sale of Hincaster Mission Room amount to £30,294 but can only be used for capital expenditure.

The present position is this:

Cash reserve at the end of 2014 is approximately £36,000

The cash reserve at the end of 2014 looks quite healthy, but that is because we held back on some expenditure.

This year we will face the requirements of the new Quinquennial Survey to keep the Church building and graveyards in good repair.   

It is vital that we protect our beautiful and historic church

Let our light shine!

We are all part of the body of Christ within :

  • within our Church Fellowship
  • within our Community
  • within the worldwide church.
  • in our praying
  • in our giving
  • in our serving.

There is much in Scripture about our giving and we must make it an integral part of our lives.

During Lent, do please pray about this and

  • bring your pledge to Church on Palm Sunday, 29th March 2015, or
  • give it to one of the Wardens, or
  • post it to The Revd Sue Wilson
                     The Vicarage
                     Woodhouse Lane
                     LA7 7EW,

Thank you so much!

If you are a taxpayer, and have not already completed a Gift Aid form, please consider doing so. It enables us to claim back the tax on your giving, and increase its value to us by 25%.

Booklet to print out.